The Thermosculpt products are based on Eastern Medicine that is focused on supporting total health, based on maximal balance and harmony from the “inside out.” Many diet and exercise programs deal with calorie and fat control, with starvation diets, excessive exercise, and very restrictive eating referred to as “Crash Dieting.” 

This can cause INSULIN RESISTANCE and muscle loss, which disrupts the hormone that controls weight and increases your risk of serious health conditions. In addition, “Crash Dieting” and INSULIN RESISTANCE leads to greater fat gain and muscle loss, after finishing the program. Thermosculpt fortifies the body from the inside out, helping to assure maximal function, fat loss, energy and wellness. Traditional diet or fat loss programs usually focus on symptoms, not the cause, which can lead to a slower metabolism, increase in fat gain and muscle loss. Controlling INSULIN RESISTANCE helps maintain healthy muscle levels, which keeps the metabolism at maximum levels, and supports fat loss and overall well- being, while making you you feel great, and helps keep the weight off permanently. 

For over 35 years Dean Tornabene has pioneered the philosophy of balance, through proper nutrition, and herbal and dietary supplements. Having an extensive educational and clinical background, as well as being a former Mr. America and leading nutritionist, Dean has the knowledge and the practical experience. Dean is considered an authority in the health and wellness field, and has authored numerous nutritional columns, and for decades, had his own television shows on his nutritional products and fitness technologies. Dean has counseled many people with weigh control issues, including many celebrities and high-profile clients. This vast level of knowledge and experience has led to the creation of the ThermoSculpt system. Using specialized advanced herbal components and other proprietary ingredients, Thermosculpt’s APC (Advanced Performance Compound) is the best product available to HELP control INSULIN RESISTACE, and provide for maximum fat loss, energy, focus concentration.