“I tried many weight loss products over the years and could never keep off the pounds or inches that I lost. In addition, most of the products or programs left me feeling tired or edgy which made me abandon the product or program. I started using Thermosculpt Pro and immediately felt much more energy and had total appetite control with no cravings or jitters. I watched the pounds and inches literally drop off without changing my eating or exercise program. After just six weeks I lost 18 pounds and have never felt better or more confident and the weight and inch loss has stayed off. I highly recommend Designed By Dean products to anyone wanting to lose fat, increase energy levels or just feel and look better!”
~ Tanya Alvarado

“I love Thermosculpt! I lost 17 pounds and 11” off waist, buns and thighs. I used one capsule daily, there was no calories counting or shakes I had to drink. I have been on many “diets” and the Thermosculpt Pro product was by far the best and I have kept the weight off even after getting off the program. No jitters, reduced appetite and cravings, this product is terrific!”
~ Kimberly Hull

“I really never had a “weight problem” but I noticed that I that the older I got the tighter my clothes got in all of the wrong places. I have always had a bit of belly fat that I just couldn’t get rid of and needed something that would get rid of the fat on my waist and stomach. Thermosculpt Pro was easy to use and in addition to losing fat and inches I really had significantly more energy on the product which really encouraged me to be more active and want to work out. In all, I lost 13 pounds on the product and look like I did when I was in my 20”s!”
~ Meegan King

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