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Supercharged Maximum Strength 2 Part Fat Loss System

Thermosculpt Pro Plus & TR Booster
  • The most powerful fat loss combo available
  • Targets the fat receptors
  • Neurotransmitter compounds for maximal fat loss
  • Increased energy and mental acuity
  • No crash or jittery feeling
  • Maximum appetite control

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The figure above shows that there was no statistically significant weight loss in the placebo group, but those who used ThermosculptPro and the TR Booster capsules lost over 11 pounds in four weeks. The combination of the two products boosted fat loss over 1000%!
  • Supercharged for ketosis and metabolic enhancement
  • Increased Fat burning power
  • Clinically tested ingredients
  • All Natural ingredients
  • Feel good while burning fat

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Thermosculpt Pro Plus & TR Booster

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Our supercharged Maximum Strength 2 Part Fat Loss System is loved by ourcustomers not just for the results but also for the enhanced energy levels in every day activities.

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The Dean of Fitness


Dean Tornabene

Dean Tornabene is one of the most
successful, influential and respected
people in the health and fitness industry. As a nutritionist, supplement formulator, inventor and competitor, his achievements are known around the world.

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~ Tanya Alvarado
“I tried many weight loss products over the years and could never keep off the pounds or inches that I lost. In addition, most of the products or programs left me feeling tired or edgy which made me abandon the product or program. I started using Thermosculpt Pro and..


~ Kimberly Hull
“I love Thermosculpt! I lost 17 pounds and 11” off waist, buns and thighs. I used one capsule daily, there was no calories counting or shakes I had to drink. I have been on many “diets” and the Thermosculpt Pro product was by far the best and I have kept the weight off even after...


~ Meegan King
“I really never had a “weight problem” but I noticed that I that the older I got the tighter my clothes got in all of the wrong places. I have always had a bit of belly fat that I just couldn’t get rid of and needed something that would get rid of the fat on my waist and stomach...

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Max fat burn & Metabolic restart
This top of the line trio features the legendary fat incinerating products Thermosculpt Professional and TR Booster along with the worlds best superfood Vital Bodyglo designed to replenish, re-energize and restart your metabolism.
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Utilizing Thermosculpt’s most effective and advanced fat incinerating and energy producing formula along with a total detox formula designed to eliminate impurities and toxins without removing beneficial nutrients from the body.
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The “quick cleanse” method designed to quickly remove potentially harmful toxins and impurities while providing the pre and probiotics, antioxidants and essential bio-nutrients required for optimal fat loss recovery, health and wellness.
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Fat burners

The number one comment we hear from our first time customers is; Wow, it actually works! A fat burner is not a replacement for a good diet or exercise, but this fat burner can help speed up the process and keep you energized on your weight loss journey. Thermosculpt Professional Plus capsules are a maximum strength, time released product designed for maximum fat loss, energy enhancement, concentration and focus. The TR Booster helps produce the quickest results possible by greatly enhancing the effect, duration and fat incinerating results of the Thermosculpt Pro Plus.

Multivitamins, detox and cleanse

Making sure you have a diet that is optimized and balanced and contains every nutrient you need can be a challenge. Shopping for fresh super foods and cooking many meals a day can make it seem even more daunting. This is why Dean has formulated a series of products that will leave you feeling better than ever before, both in mind and body. Enriched with extracts from the best super foods and dense in vitamins, minerals and ingredients that can boost your immune system, energy, and digestion. These products will simply leaving you glowing with renewed health and well being. Vital Bodyglo is a favorite with our customers who never stop using it once they try it for the first time.

Sleep, recover, improve focus

Struggling to fall asleep? Having trouble remaining focused or remembering all the things you made a mental note of? Feeling forgetful or mentally fatigued? Dean has also designed a collection of products to help you recover, sleep and focus better. These products can improve brain function, improve quality of sleep, reduce inflammation and chronic pain, and help you focus. Aid building healthy brain cells, encourages joint and cartilage repair. With these products you will be ready to take on the world every day.