What’s Your After Burn Look Like?

One of the biggest barriers people face sticking with a regular exercise program is the time it takes to do. Carving out an hour or two to hit the gym can seem daunting and on some days might be unrealistic. Have no fear as short bursts of intense exercise can deliver many of the health and fitness benefits you get from hours of conventional cardiovascular or strength training. If you have just 30 minutes, you can perform a high intensity weight training session, helping you get fit in a fraction of the time it used take. Research has shown that short bursts of intense weight training can increase your muscle strength by 50 % in as little as two months. Also, high intensity weight training builds muscle faster, burns more calories after 22 hours, burns fat and takes significantly less time than traditional programs. This method is known as HIIE (high intensity intermittent exercise) training (or as some call it HIIT) and is used by top athletes the world over. I incorporate this type of training two times per week as part of my training regime. In addition to the time saving this type of training really aids recovery time between exercise sessions.


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