What Calories Matter

When we want to drop weight we automatically go to the ‘less food, less weight’ mentality. So yes, we will cut about a 500 caloric intake a day and see immediate results. A few weeks later, we see a stall in progress. You hit the treadmill, you’re running 2 extra miles a day, you’re lifting more – yet still.. no progress.

You’re asking yourself, ‘Where’s my progress?’, well, your progress is going to stay in the gutter if you can’t get your hands on calories that matter. What do I mean by ‘calories that matter’? Eat protein. There are a lot of options for protein if you’re not a traditional carnivore. Eat fiber – fiber can be found in fruits and vegetables. Carbs are great – but eat whole carbs like barley, brown rice, quinoa, sprouted whole grain bread. The list is endless, and so is your food options. So load up on a 2000 calorie a day diet and burn 500-700 calories in the gym. That is the way to do a calorie deficit.


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