The Truth About Keto Dieting

These days the keto diet is being used by many people to achieve their health and wellness goals. A number of experts are now convinced the answer to our burgeoning cancer and Alzheimer’s epidemics is a ketogenic diet and other metabolic support, such as fasting, hyperbaric oxygen treatment and dietary supplementation. During fasting or ketosis, your brain switches to using ketone bodies delivered from dietary fats as it primary fuel, and ketones have potent neuroprotective effects and enhance brain function. Healthy cells have the metabolic flexibility to use either glucose or ketones (obtained through your diet from carbohydrates and healthy fats respectively), whereas cancer cells cannot use ketones for fuel due to having damaged mitochondria. Nutritional ketosis is a good way to shed fat, combat cancer, increase oxygen to the tissues and decrease cell destroying free radicals. Wow, who knew you could lose fat, protect your mind and body with such a simple program!


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