The 3 biggest myths about building Six-Pack Abs

The 3 biggest myths about building Six-Pack Abs:


  1. Crunches are King (right?) No crunches are not the king of abdominal exercises, not even close. The American Council on Exercise (ACE) decided to find out just which abdominal exercise comes in at the top spot. According to ACE the two exercises for the greatest ab activation were the Roman Chair Leg raises and the Bicycle. Crunches are a good component of a fitness program and work best when performed on a BOSU ball for greater range of motion which increases the area of total ab activation.


  1. Nutrition. How is this still a thing? By simply increasing your daily activity and eating clean will lead you down the road of ripped abs. Every person is different, for example an extremely active person needs to cut 200 calories per day to showcase a tight midsection.


  1. Spot reduction is not possible. You didn’t tell your body where to place the fat that is covering those abdominal muscles and you are not going to be the one to tell your body to take it off. Don’t take my word for it: A study conducted at the University of Connecticut demonstrated that despite target ab training, fat loss occurred throughout the body and not in that selected area.

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