Total Glo Super Cleanse


  • Immune and digestive support
  • Combats inflammation
  • Multiple source of dietary fiber
  • Promotes natural cleansing
  • Provides essential immune support
  • Safely and effectively eliminates toxins

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  • Antioxidant complex combats inflammation and assists in post workout recovery
  • Colloidal mineral blend promotes hydration and wellness
  • Lactobacilli complex provides immune and digestive support
  • Encourages alkaline ph balance to reduce inflammation and support immune function
  • Provides the nutritional value of multiple servings of vegetables

TotalGlo® capsules are a full strength super food product designed to maximize a fat loss program. Excess fat deposits can be caused by inflammation, poor digestion and a weakened immune system. Totalglo® supports alkaline pH balance which combats inflammation and promotes a healthy immune and digestive system, critical components of a fat loss program. In addition, Totalglo® provides a source of colloidal minerals and vitamins in their natural state for maximal nutritional value and absorption which helps with hydration and overall wellness. Most individuals do not consume enough vegetables in their daily diet, Totalglo® is a great way to supplement your diet with vegetable nutrients.


TotalGlo® proprietary formula is a blend of over 20 vegetables providing enzymes, co-enzymes, anti-oxidants, fibers, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and non dairy probiotic cultures. TotalGlo®’s plant based formula provides a healthy dose of ORAC value in just one capsule. ORAC value is the measure of a foods anti-oxidant content, the greater the ORAC the more free radicals a food can neutralize.


TotalGlo® is manufactured in a state of the art facility regulated by the state and federal government to ensure a quality product you can count on.

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