Mental Edge


  • Specialized vitamin, mineral and neural brain formula
  • Helps build healthy brain cell membranes
  • Assists against inflammation and free radicals
  • Supports the production of vital neurotransmitters
  • Helps protect and maximize brain function

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The human brain is the most complex object in the known universe. Mental Edge supplies the brain’s complex needs with a 2 step combination of 20 nootropics and a complete range of vitamins, minerals and nutrients working in multiple biopathways for maximal mental performance and support. Mental Edge’s Brain Nutrition Blend works to deliver the nutrients your brain needs  to function optimally and recover from the stress of daily living. The Brain Enhancing Blend contains 20 research based, natural ingredients to help increase acuity, concentration, memory , recall and reduce mental fatigue. Mental Edge is a great safe and effective  daily vitamin and mineral supplement for your brain and body while replenishing vital neurotransmitters that may be lost from free radical activity or stress.


Mental Edge features a specific, proprietary blend of ingredients designed to approach mental performance at the source by supporting the body′s levels and absorbability of key elements necessary for higher performance.


This product is manufactured in a GMP certified, state of the art facility strictly regulated by the FDA and state government to ensure a quality product you can count on.

Free shipping on all orders over $50

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