Fighting Inflammation The Natural Way

Total body inflammation is believed to be the root of many diseases. It has been estimated that 8 of 10 women will experience some type of autoimmune disorder especially in their child bearing years, some of which can be fatal or last for many years. There is considerable evidence that fat tissue is immunologically active, and that overweight and obese people have a more pro-inflammatory environment in their bodies. Because the main symptom of autoimmunity is inflammation, weight could be a contributing factor. Exercise and getting enough vitamin D and omega-3s both have shown to have protective effect. Because of the gut-connection a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and pre and probiotics also have a major impact in preventing inflammation. Many people, including top level athletes, do not consume the daily requirement of fruits and vegetables. Try using a great superfood such as Vital Body Glo as added protection against the deadly affects of inflammation and maintaining total body health!


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