Don’t Forget the Massage!

As we say in powerlifting “pain is weakness leaving the body”  and the ensuing soreness shows you got the job done. Many turn to massage to ease the pain and soreness from training but massage doesn’t ease your post workout pain (according to several researchers papers), but this rub-loving egghead  with a strong notion of common sense has disproved this theory. A paper in the Journal of Sports Sciences found that after getting a beating via leg day, a 30 minute massage helped decrease the significance of soreness, muscle performance and damage (though didn’t eliminate them completely) as it still took me 10 minutes to walk a flight of stairs after a heavy squat session! Research has shown that the best time to dust the cobwebs from your wallet and body is every four weeks as part of a de-load from training. Your return will be a rested one and ready for new gains.


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