Barely Bread Is It Good Or Bad For Your Health?

Barely Bread

I’m about to tell you something you already know, but probably don’t want to hear. Bread just isn’t that great for you. (Sorry. It’s true.In fact, according to cardiac surgeon Steven Gundry in his new book The Plant Paradox. There’s only one type of bread that’s healthy to eat….and surprisingly, it contains no grain whatsoever. It’s called Barely Bread, and it’s a soy-, yeast- and gluten free, paleo friendly bread substitute that actually tastes a lot like regular bread. It’s made of egg whites, almond flour, coconut oil. Coconut flour. Sweet potato flour, hazelnut flour, almond butter and some other good stuff. Dr. Gundry says it’s not only about the carbs and gluten, but also the high level of lectins-aka carbohydrate-binding proteins that can be toxic in large amounts-that make traditional bread unhealthy. Barely Bread is 10 percent lectin-free, so your bases are covered . Slices, bagels, baguettes and rolls are available online, at Whole Foods, or at your local health food store!


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