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Sign into your account Sign into your account to find an overview of your sales, and net income.

In order to log into you affiliate account you will log into your regular account. After you login you will see a new tab in your My Account > Affiliate. 

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Where can an affiliate get their statistics from?
An affiliate can get their statistics from My Account > Affiliate
Where can an affiliate find their affiliate link?
An affiliate can find their affiliate link under My Account > Affiliate > Profile.
Can affiliates earn commission on their purchase?
Yes. Currently, the affiliate system calculates commission for those orders which are placed by the affiliate himself.
How and when do I get paid?
You need a PayPal account in order to get paid. You get paid at the end of every month to your PayPal. You need to configure your PayPal email address in your profile – This setting can be found under affiliate’s My Account > Affiliate > Profile

Privacy Policy

If you are an Affiliate

What and where we store:
If you are an affiliate, we store a cookie with your affiliate ID and map it to the user accessing our site with your link. If you are a visitor accessing our site with the affiliate link, we store your IP address. And if you place an order, then your order details are stored along with your IP address.

personal data Exporting personal data is available for both - affiliate and visitor. Export/delete of personal data will be processed only after receiving confirmation about it. For deleting cookie data, a visitor can simply delete cookies from their browser.