Athletic Accomplishments:
Dean has won numerous bodybuilding and power lifting competitions including the Mr. America title and the National Power Lifting championship, becoming the only athlete in history to capture both titles.

Dean is a national speaker, author and television personality on nutrition, health and fitness and has been featured on many television programs and magazine articles.

Personal Training Pioneer:
Dean pioneered the field of personal training at the world famous Gold’s Gym and developed nutritional and training programs for a long list of top celebrity clientele.

As an inventor, Dean holds numerous patents and is responsible for some of the best selling exercise inventions sold on television, such as the Ab Rocker, Bun & Thigh Roller, Ab Swing, Tone and Glide, Total Trolley and many others.

Formulator and Nutritionist:
Of Dean’s many talents, perhaps his best is as a supplement formulator and nutritionist. Dean began formulating quality products for weight loss, health and wellness over twenty years ago.

As his reputation for formulating world-class products grew, companies in the supplement industry began approaching Dean to create products for them. His success with these companies solidified his reputation as one of the top formulators in the industry, generating billions of dollars in revenues.

Dean is committed to helping people, not only through the creation of the world’s highest quality products, but also through motivation, information, caring and enlightenment.

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