Get Great Results

If you’re like me, your muscles take a beating from heavy compound lifts and you should be feeling exhausted afterward. This fatigue may cause one to get sloppy in training. Believing this will give your body a slight rest. For successive exercises and sets use a lighter weight so you can work through the entire range of motion. Keeping the muscle under consistent tension throughout each rep will get maximal growth and will not drain your recovery ability.

If you are going to do squats, deadlifts or other basic compound moves, warm up with 2 sets of a very light weight then proceed to work your way up in intensity and resistance. Once you have completed the basic movement, follow it up with isolation movements that focus on the muscle being worked. Remember intensity is relevant, especially if you are performing basic, foundational  movements. Intensity can be achieved through greater resistance or increasing the number of reps on the basic movements. You don’t have to “lift a ton” to get great results.


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